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I made a Gazebo....its not finished yet. I still have more texturing to do and some other bits and pieces :)

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hotelscyprus78 8 years ago

Cyprus will be a centre for Medical tourism shortly. More than 50% of the private medical centers have overseas patients. This is a good sign to develop Cyprus not only in tourism but also in Medical tourism. Most of the patients from other countries find Cyprus is good quality, healthy, cheap.

Tara 8 years ago

My Baby Dragoncow.....I made in Cinema4D again with some Poser content :]

I love this one....I am going to make some more of him.

anonymous 8 years ago

Very interesting, cute rugs, hand made and not expensive!

anonymous 8 years ago

please put some good and use ful products. the products avaible at this website is not worth it

Tara 8 years ago

Something I made today....used Cinema4D and some Poser content. Most textures and all lighting done in C4D :] A few mistakes Im noticing now :( Oh well :P


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