YouSticker Help

What is YouSticker?

YouSticker is an amazing tool to comment anything on the web, to share your ideas with your friends or to leave notes for yourself. YouSticker lets you track your friends’ online activity and track yours, discuss websites, add comments, make warnings and greetings. You are able to add your rich in media comments anywhere on the Internet; meet new people and have fun. Create your own web-feed and drift into fascinating world of web commenting.

Why is YouSticker worth using?

Start in a blink! Signing up will take less than a minute. If you have Google, Twitter, Facebook, OpenID or FriendFeed account you’ll be able to sign up with one click.
It’s quick! Posting a sticker on any Web page takes only a few seconds.
It’s easy to access! Look through all your stickers around the Web simply by visiting your page on YouSticker.
It’s informative! Thanks to sticker posting, voting and commenting you can easily find necessary information on the Internet.


How to sign up on YouSticker?

Start using YouSticker takes just a few seconds. You can create an account or import your account from:

I’ve just signed up. What’s next?

Welcome to YouSticker! It’s an easy-to-use tool for communicating with friends on the Web. Check it out; they might be using it already. You can find them or other YouSticker users through our Search. If you want to see the stickers posted by other users you should subscribe to any web-feed. Feel free to rate and comment other people’s stickers. As soon as you subscribe to your friends’ feed, they’ll receive an e-mail notification. Share your ideas; find new places or just leave colorful stickers anywhere on the Internet.

Who can see the stickers I’ve posted?

If you create a sticker with the “public” status, then every user will be able to read, rate or comment it. Private stickers are visible for you only.

How can I invite more friends to join YouSticker?

1) Go to Settings menu.
2) Choose your e-mail provider; enter your email and password.
3) Choose your friends’ addresses from the list.
4) Send invitations

How can I post my first sticker?

To make a sticker on any web-page you should first add our button into your browser. More.

How to Use YouSticker


How to post anything on YouSticker?
For posting stickers you should click on the YouSticker button in your browser, click on the "New" button and enter the text in the sticker that appeared on the screen. Set the options you need and click on the "Save" button. More

How can I attach multi-media content to my sticker?
If you want to attach multi-media to your sticker, first make YouSticker panel active with YouSticker toolbar button. Then point to the multi-media file. YouSticker “Stick it” icon will show up. Push it and a new sticker with that file attached will pop-up.
If you want to attach a quote, highlight the text and do the same - the quotation will be attached to your sticker.

How to edit the sticker after posting?
We limit sticker editing time to 10 minutes after you’ve posted it. You can change text, color, size, type and sticker position on the page. Don’t forget to save the changes by clicking on the "Save" button.

How to send a message?
You can exchange messages with the sticker users. Go to the Message section, enter recipient’s username, type the message and click the "Send" button. 

How to delete a sticker?
To delete please click “Delete” button on the sticker itself or “Delete” icon on your page near the sticker you are going to erase.


How to find anything on YouSticker?
Simply enter your request in the search field and click on the "Search" button.

How can I read notes of the users that are not followed by me?
To look through the notes of all YouSticker users see the public feed or Search menu. You can look through the top rated, the latest and the most active stickers in the public feed.


Can I receive notifications about the updates on my home feed?
Yes, we are sending notifications by email.
To customize notification settings go to Notifications section and choose the appropriate settings for you.

What are the key combinations used in a YouSticker?
Ctrl+Enter - save sticker
Tab – go to another sticker
Shift+Tab - go to previous
Esc - close sticker


How to send an error report or a message to YouSticker team?
In case if some problem or error occurs, please contact us using special form for error report.

How can I unsubscribe from YouSticker notifications?
To set up notification settings go to the Notification section and disable receiving notifications.

How to delete an account?
You can't delete your account at this moment.


When I try to create an account I get "nickname is invalid" message
Your username becomes the part of the URL on YouSticker. For example, the user who has chosen “Alex” username will see his feed by the following address: The username should be at least 3 symbols long. No specific symbols (i.e. “&”) or spaces are allowed.