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My Baby Dragoncow.....I made in Cinema4D again with some Poser content :]
I love this one....I am going to make some more of him.


8 years ago

sweety dragon :)


8 years ago

You're getting really really good at this stuff! I haven't looked at your stuff in a long time and it's lookin good! :D


8 years ago

@zenkitty54 thanks so much....and havent seen ya for ages...hope all is ok? :]

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hotelscyprus77 8 years ago

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anonymous 8 years ago

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Arshi 8 years ago

He holds me when I start to cry...
makes me smile with just his eyes...
shares my hopes, dreams, and fears...
wipes away all my t...


Tara 8 years ago

Something I made today....used Cinema4D and some Poser content. Most textures and all lighting done in C4D :] A few mistakes Im noticing now :( Oh well :P

cypruholidays60 8 years ago

You might have heard and seen many weddings in North Cyprus and even on south as well. But might get wonder if you know the truth why Northern Cyprus is better than the South. North is calm, not flooded with tourists are some of the reasons to make your Cyprus Holidays under the foot of Kyrenia.


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