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Hi all!

Welcome to the new Stickr.com! We are glad to announce an updated version of the site, with renewed design and additional features.

In case you find any errors, please inform us via ''contact form.


9 years ago

wow.....a big change...I think I really like it =D

One question (so far) does the 'OMG' give a bad rating or a good rating? Or is only 'Like' and 'sucks' counted? OMG can be good or bad ya know :]


9 years ago

Yes, It's Stickr v2.0

We were worked a lot and released new version with new features like 300 symbols for post, reaction (like, omg, lol, sucks), block sticker if you think sticker is bad, new plugins, and new beautiful stickers with tags


9 years ago

If you find errors or not useful things, please, write us.


9 years ago

I will need a day or two to see what might be bugs and what is just my trying to get used to it


9 years ago

Thanks @JamES I wrote to River (2 messages) :D.....doesnt seem to be in my outbox so not sure if it sent or not? :(


9 years ago

sorry, Tara, didn't get any of your messages. I'll check what's the matter and write back to you


9 years ago

Oh really? :( I wrote 2 messages. It didnt say that they had sent and they werent in my outbox, so I thought maybe that was the case. Are messages not working for everyone? lol or maybe its just me :]


9 years ago

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9 years ago

very nice change



9 years ago

wow am hay to be here


9 years ago

sorry .. I do not understand where to play like this web, can ask you please to tell



3 years ago

wow its really awesome


3 years ago

http://yousticker.com/'.$this->onparam('http://stickr.com/contact',$tagdata['ParamRegexReplace']).' I CANNOT SEE PICS been this way for weeks :(


4 months ago



3 weeks ago

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