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Rating: 2258.20

Hi all!

Welcome to the new Stickr.com! We are glad to announce an updated version of the site, with renewed design and additional features.

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12 years ago

wow.....a big change...I think I really like it =D

One question (so far) does the 'OMG' give a bad rating or a good rating? Or is only 'Like' and 'sucks' counted? OMG can be good or bad ya know :]

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2 days ago

"Famed Faces" is the ultimate destination for all things celebrity. From the latest Hollywood gossip to exclusive interviews, red carpet moments, and insider stories, this site is a haven for pop culture enthusiasts.


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13 years ago

This user was blocked

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2 months ago

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13 years ago

salam all hi every body

good friendship and relationship is never been forgot soo me searching for frist and last person soo dont make me angry any 1

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3 weeks ago

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14 years ago

Is there a way to install it on my site but disable the sticking of images option?

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1 week ago

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