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Rating: 2258.20

Hi all!

Welcome to the new Stickr.com! We are glad to announce an updated version of the site, with renewed design and additional features.

In case you find any errors, please inform us via ''contact form.


11 years ago

wow.....a big change...I think I really like it =D

One question (so far) does the 'OMG' give a bad rating or a good rating? Or is only 'Like' and 'sucks' counted? OMG can be good or bad ya know :]

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1 month ago

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11 years ago

This user was blocked

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3 months ago

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12 years ago

salam all hi every body

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3 months ago

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Welcome to Stickr.com!

I've been added to your Followers list as Support team member.

Do contact me if you need any help or advice.


12 years ago

Is there a way to install it on my site but disable the sticking of images option?

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2 months ago

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