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Signs Of Sickness In Cows

Part of that means keep a close eye on your herd’s health and wellness. While you’ll definitely want to do some heavy reading on this, there are some basics to look for. Read here for more info.

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Should I Be Worried If My Cat Is Drooling?

Drastic weight loss will also cause cats to drool because of malnutrition and dehydration. If your cat is losing weight, they may also have other symptoms such as a dull coat, lack of energy and lethargy. Read here for more info.

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What Is a Wellness Package for Dogs?

The best way to keep your dog healthy is to be proactive with their health. By taking preventative measures, you can catch problems early and save yourself time, money, and stress. Click here to learn more.

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How Do I Know If My Cat Has Gum Disease?

There is an odor coming from your pet's mouth. The smell could be similar to a dead animal, rotten egg or strong alcoholic beverage. It may also have a sour scent similar to overripe fruit or antiseptic mouthwash. Click here to learn more.

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Does Ozone Therapy in Dogs Work?

Ozone therapy is a type of treatment used to treat a variety of conditions in animals. It involves introducing ozone into the body through inhalation or injection, which can be administered via an ozone generator or by using a nebulizer. Read more here.

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Can Cedar Chips And Pine Shavings Be Used As Bedding For Small Pets?

Aspen shavings, paper-based bedding, recycled paper, or straw are safe for small animals. They are soft, absorbent, and do not contain any harmful chemicals or oils. Click here to learn more.

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Chihuahuas: Small Dogs With Big Brains

Another unbelievable fact about Chihuahuas, especially females, is their litter count. The average litter of a female Chihuahua is about 4 to 5 only. However, there has been a report of 10 puppies from a tiny Chihuahua. Read here for more info.

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Puppies with great temperaments are interested and playful, eager to explore and be held by people. Having to meet the dog's parents, relatives, or other relations may also be beneficial in determining what a pup will appear to be as an adult. Click here to learn more.

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Appetite Loss In Cats

One of the top reasons for your cat’s reduced intake of food items is illness. When your beloved furry friend is not feeling well and suffering from discomfort or pain, she may not consume the same amount of food she normally does. Click here to learn more.

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Signs Of HD

Fido may not be very interested in playing Fetch or chasing tennis balls, and his favorite toys may just sit there, gathering dust. Click here to learn more.

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