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Запуск Chrome OS в Virtual Box.


14 years ago

Кто рано встаёт, тому Бог даёт! :-)))


14 years ago



13 years ago

VMware Workstation - рулит!

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yuryziryanov 14 years ago

Одновременное использование нескольких операционых систем при помощи colinux, Virtual PC и утилиты Desktops.

relort 14 years ago

Pixel Art. "The World Tallest Virtual Building".

techcrunch 14 years ago

Come2Play Offers A Virtual Economy In A Box For Multi-User Games by @roicarthy

techcrunch 14 years ago

EtherPad Launches A Virtual Document Time Machine by @leenarao

mashable 14 years ago

Use Twitter, Get a (Virtual) Planet Named After You -


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