Stickers for tag social bookmarking

Tags Manager » - social bookmarking site. sites have to be entered manually. links can only be shared with those that you personally invite.

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Blinklist - The Blinklist toolbar & Google Gears doesn't work with Firefox 4; My experience with Blinklist was quite unsatisfactory.

Ctrl + Enter - A social bookmarking platform where users can make customizable web desktops to launch various links, games, & more.

Ctrl + Enter - Free account allow for unlimited bookmarks but has limitations on some of its other features. The Firefox add-on is excellent.

Ctrl + Enter - social bookmarking website with a nice layout. visually appealing. links can be put into folders, rated, and tagged.

Ctrl + Enter - a social bookmarking site where links can be stored into folders using a bookmarklet. link titles can't be edited. decent.

Ctrl + Enter - social bookmarking site with an average add-on. every link added to the site requires typing in a Captcha without Pro account.

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