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Taper Roller Bearing Design

Taper Roller Bearing are designed to take axial loads only in one direction. At ZNL bearings, we manufacture single row, paired single row, double row and four row taper roller bearings.

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Cafeteria Tables Online

As per the specific area, it is very important to choose the right type of table. Our foldable tables provide much needed solution in different situations.

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Top IT Solutions Companies in Dubai

There are various advantages of having on-site expert IT support for your business, regardless of your organization size or type. Good IT backing can keep your business ahead in the competition.

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CPU Trolley Online

As the name implies, CPU trolley is used for mobility and easy access of CPU. At Innofitt, we manufacture and provide wide range of ergonomic products for office use.

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How to Make Kathal Biryani?

Kathal biryani or tender raw jackfruit biryani, a mouth-watering recipe that is prepared with raw unripe Kathal fruit. Kathal biryani is a lovely rice preparation of raw Kathal combined with Indian spices.

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Easy & Instant Rasmalai Recipe

Rasmalai, also called Rossomoloi in Bengal is a brilliant sweet recipe made with milk. It is an imperial and delectable Bengali dessert and one of the top choices of Bengali people among the sweet recipes.

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How to Choose the Right Meeting Rooms in Hotels for Your Next Event
Nowadays it is quite a common practice to choose a hotel with a conference centre to arrange business meetings or a small business conference.Gulf court hotel is the best hotel for business meeting in Dubai.

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Dahi Boondi Raita Recipe

This Living Foodz raita recipe is very tasty and easy to make at home. It is called boondi raita, and you can get the entire details of this recipe by visiting Living Foodz site.

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Simple & Delectable Uttapam Recipe

A classic south Indian dish, Uttapam recipe it very similar to dosa but it is much thicker than dosa. The batter that is used to make dosa which is made from rice and urad dal, the same is used to cook thick Uttapam.

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Spongy Dhokla Recipe

Dhoklas are not only popular in India, but it is a very renowned snack recipe worldwide. This snack item is found almost in every sweet shop in India; it is a kind of national snack in India.

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