Dedicated server at cheapest cost is always better as VPS is shared by multiple clients and its always a chance that your website may suffer due to others uses.

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Offshore dedicated servers with 99% uptime guarantee, 24*7 specialized support and get a safe and stable stage for your business. We ensure quality Hardware with an elevated level of client service.

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Dedicated hosting servers are the fundamental Product of We insure quality hardware with a 99% uptime . No compelling reason to sign a yearly agreement. acknowledges the agreement from month to month.

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Redis is an advanced fast key-value database written in C. It can be used like memcached, in front of a traditional database, or on its own thanks to the fact that the in-memory datasets are not volatile but instead persisted on disk. One of the cool features is that you can store not only strings, but lists and sets supporting atomic operations to push/pop elements

PHP client for Redis. Zend Framework integration

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Zend php framework по-русски


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