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not all women are very clever


9 years ago

А им это и нафиг не нужно! :)

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myworld2u 9 years ago

Sticker is great. To me its better than twitter for sure. Yet very few people are using or know about it. I will use it aggressively

valiskster 9 years ago

Felix warns: "The next Ice Age could begin any day. Next week, next month, next year...it's not a question of if, only when. One day you'll wa...

So now we have to worry about freezing now and not Global warming destroying us all.

relort 9 years ago

Netalyzr is not only a debugging tool — it is also the foundation of a comprehensive measurement study compiling a survey of the health of the Inte...

Разнообразное тестирование вашего интернет-подключения.

anonymous 9 years ago

all free. not 2 bad...

myworld2u 9 years ago

Very useful tool this one. Use it and you will not got lost when you are on the net


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