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Qucik & Simple Bhel Puri Recipe

Bhel puri is an extremely well-known Indian street food snack, it is made with a mix of puffed rice and raw vegetables and blended in with roasted peanuts, puri, spicy powders, sev and masala chana dal. Bhel puri recipe is crispy, soft, tangy and spicy.

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Simple & Best Rasmalai Recipe

In Bengal, Rasmalai, is also called Rossomoloi is a splendid sweet recipe that is made with milk. It is a magnificent and luscious Bengali dessert and one of the top favourites of Bengali people among the desserts.

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Homemade Kulfi Recipe

Kulfi is one of the most famous and traditional Indian frozen sweet that is made by utilizing milk, dry fruits and different flavours. Kulfi is very much similar to ice cream, yet it is unique with its texture and flavours.

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Al Maya Trading is among the leading food distribution companies in UAE, Dubai. We supply FMCG and beverage products to leading retailers and supermarket channels.

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Restaurant-Style Dal Makhani Recipe
One of the most famous and wonderful instances of dal in Indian food is dal makhani. It is one of the popular lentil dishes that is originated from the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent.

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Best Rajma Masala Recipe

Rajma masala is an Indian subcontinent dish, it’s a very popular veg recipe. Rajma masala recipe is made in thick gravy along with red kidney beans and mixed spices.

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Training Tables with Wheels

Training table is the essential furniture of any good training room, but the type of table that is required it depends upon room to room. At Innofitt, we believe in providing ergonomics and best quality standard products.

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Simple Idli Sambar Recipe

Idli sambar is not only famous in India this recipe has marked its presence all through the world. Originating from South India, this recipe is loved by all types of foodies and it is served in the whole India as a street food as well as in best cafes

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Best Ways to Keep Bedridden Patients Clean and Healthy

There are overnight diapers like pull-ups, briefs, reusable and incontinence pads. While buying best overnight diapers for adults, look into the categories and your need.

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Importance of Fundamental Analysis of Stocks in Share Market

Before you decide to invest in any stock, it is of paramount importance that you have a report to refer with regards to the fundamental analysis of a company whose stock is under discussion for investment.

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