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mbf 11 years ago

I've learned to like eBooks. I just wish that I could consolidate the notes I make on Kindle. Is that possible?

valiskster 11 years ago

Felix warns: "The next Ice Age could begin any day. Next week, next month, next year...it's not a question of if, only when. One day you'll wa...

So now we have to worry about freezing now and not Global warming destroying us all.

CarlosCoria 11 years ago

A #Video of a woman that sings like Emma Shapplin. (TV show like Britain's Got Talent) Awesome! She isn't a professional singer.

anonymous 11 years ago

that is so hot i wish i could squeeze dat

Nealxx 12 years ago

I see stickers like from 3 months ago? someone wishing merry christmas and some past related things, how do you disable that?

k21t11 12 years ago

I think that this is pretty cool! I wish that we could type more, though.


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