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Every time I try and put a new image on stickr from Deviant Art site, it edits my previous stickrs :( I tried to put my Gazebo and it edited my fish in the glass stickr. eg ''LINK

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anonymous 11 years ago

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anonymous 11 years ago

Google Gmail Notifier by Google 1.0. With Gmail Notifier the user is notified about every new mail he/she receives.. Download and information on Google.

anonymous 11 years ago

Terrible site. Arbitrary bans, racist & hate threads, autoban words not posted, stealing youtube videos and posting them on their own glpvideo, changing youtube links within their threads

anonymous 11 years ago

Nice site. Clear and informative for both the serious hydrographer and the land surveyor undertaking the odd hydro job from time to time.

hotelscyprus77 11 years ago

Cyprus climate is inviting tourists around the globe all over the year but the best time to visit Cyprus is from June to August. This is the season time for tourists and travellers to visit Cyprus. The rent would be high but there are many more places with nominal and reasonable cost.


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