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lol Its OK ....Lips and eyes....dont need them anyway =D


8 years ago

@Tara In Russian COSLINE sounds like a big kid ! :) (Козлина). :D


8 years ago

@eAleksandr Goat? lol


8 years ago

@Tara I wrote wrong. Instead of big kid had to write Big goat. :)


8 years ago

@eAleksandr You said it right.....a 'kid' is a goat too :] Its a name for a baby goat ;)

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chickenzgocluck 9 years ago

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@# 7

zone alarm browser secuirty is spyware in it self so lol@you

SVL 9 years ago

Russ Crane prefers it that way. Crane is not his real name. He wants to remain obscure. He is an experienced military sniper, a serious man in a se...

You kinda need to read that. Very special reading.


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